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Laser hair removal

bikini and underarm


 per treatment!



With any Lycon hot bikini wax - underarm hot wax half price!


The BioLift emits a very tiny amount of electrical current, which when applied to the skin's surface pushes through the dermal layers of the muscles beneath. When the current comes into contact with the muscle, it re educated the muscle fibres through the use of an intermittent electrical current that is biologically compatible with the body's own natural electrical energy - sometimes referred to as "chi". These muscle fibres contract and relax achieving an incredible result and leaving your skin lifted and toned. Micro-current technology is a safe and painless procedure used to rejuvenate skin, making it look much younger. You will ALWAYS see an immediate noticeable lift after just one treatment.

Firmed and lifted skin with:

NO pain

NO chemicals

NO needles

NO skin irritation



BioLift facial  - 60 minutes - £45


Save 20% with 10 treatments


Recommended course of 10 treatments spread over 3-4 weeks period, then 1 treatment per month to maintain your new appearance.   












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